Common Aliens: Writing on Diaspora is a multidisciplinary, collaborative publication that seeks to document, explain, and trace the multiple paths of members of the North American people of colour diasporic community. The publication comes from within the context of the conference, with a focus on the unique instances of diasporic experience as they relate to written word and printed media. The first edition of Writing on Diaspora will collage written work from North American people of colour authors in the varied forms of academic essay, personal/experimental criticism, reviews, essays, ramblings, musings, and conversations on the intersections of people of colour diasporic communities and print culture. 

The publication will function as a document which records the events and themes of the conference, and seek to address the creation of institutional memory by recording the ideas of members of people of colour diaspora(s). 

Juan Camilo Buriticá Vélasquez
Kate Whiteway
Hera Chan
Carolin Huang
Nusra Khan