by Tara Slaughter

Hera watched fog cloud the triptych panes of the door. “Don’t let me fall out of love,” Gwen Stefani sings through her nose with the rest of No Doubt. Her computer is shaking from a dissimilar voltage and she has already tossed the instructions for how to replace a blown fuse. The centre pane doesn’t close without a kick, and the rust drips cascading below the kitchen tap cannot be scrubbed away. She picked up powder to clean the refrigerator stains on the brown business carpet, and  is expecting the water to begin running again tomorrow when the porter comes back. Will the porter come back? He, when alive, was scaling the peach paint peels plastered on once-white tiles. Hera works with moving images as well as various forms of journalism such as print, photography, radio. She founded 1/4 of Atelier Céladon.