From No Reading After the Internet by cheyanne turions as part of Common Aliens: Diaspora in Time, 2016.

From No Reading After the Internet by cheyanne turions as part of Common Aliens: Diaspora in Time, 2016.


Atelier Céladon is more than pleased to announce the open call for a Montreal-based person or group to curate the third edition of Common Aliens to take place in fall of 2017. Following the first two iterations titled Common Aliens: Diaspora Conference (2015) at Z Art Space and Common Aliens: Diaspora in Time (2016) at Studio XX, we would like to use this platform to support curators and organizers at any stage of their practice. Both Atelier Céladon and Common Aliens is committed to working with Indigenous and people of colour to think about forms of community sustainability and self-organizing while prioritizing the lived experience of diasporic realities. Common Aliens has taken the form of a conference, with panels, workshops, an exhibition, and screening, as well as a series of programming. As the curator or curatorial group of Common Aliens, you would be in charge of selecting any presenters and works under a concept or organizational method. This can take any form. One proposal will be selected based off of feasibility, creativity, and values.

Atelier Céladon has built relationships with major educational and art institutions within the city and is eligible for Canada Council for the Arts funding as a non-profit. We will work with the curators and organizers to secure funding that would cover a curatorial fee, artist fees, and production costs. One proposal will be selected by the previous organizing team of Common Aliens and be judged on its service to the Indigenous and people of colour community in Montreal, creativity in its format, and its feasibility. This budget is not set and will depend on the success of the grant applications we will write with you. In addition, we will provide logistical and full production support to realize your vision. 

Open call deadline: May 30, 2017
You will hear from us by: June 5, 2017

Please include: 
1) Proposal (500 words) including a description of your concept, your organizational method, why your experience works with the idea of Common Aliens.
2) List and description of people/groups you want to work with (artists, community members, et cetera).
3) List and description of potential programmes that are accessible and engage the community.

Receiving all inquiries and applications at