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Heaventide is a soul-R&B independent Montreal-based group coming together from diverse backgrounds. Formed in 2013 by Tania Fine-Doumbe (guitar-vocals), Lara Tippenhauer (voice-keyboard) and Swann Poirier (percussions), the group started out with soul before taking a turn to jazz by adding Steve Anthony (saxophone), then adding a touch of R&B with the arrival of Redge Olibrice (bass - beat-boxing). Each member digs into the roots of their countries of origin to compose melodies and rhythms loaded with their respective cultures’ stories. Through the voices of their instruments they create an ode to African culture. In November 2014, Heaventide released their first EP, Up Close & Personal. The following year, they launched two singles, with the single, Armada, as their most listened to track, and are currently working on their first album, scheduled for release in the fall of 2015. The group launched a crowd-funding campaign to produce the album and will give 30 per cent of the profits to the cause #BlackLivesMatter.

KEI-LI is a producer, singer, and beatboxer with a distinct organic groove representing the Darker Than Wax family in Canada. He started out on FL studio making jazz and soul based hip-hop, found the funk through street dance, and subsequently fell in love with neo-soul. While his influences are diverse and his sound is textured, he struggles with finding his place as a first generation Asian artist in the Black American musical tradition he respects so much, conflicted by his role in the whitewashing of black culture. He is currently working on his first official EP at night while working in Toronto as a designer by day.

As a member of the ALAIZ collective since its creation, Dr. MaD has been recognized for his trademark “soul-jazz-hop” sound. MaD has worked with the Kalmunity Live Organic Improv collective, Le Cypher with the Urban Science band, the last two editions of the international dance competition “Jack of All Trades,” and every edition of the FRO festival. He has also shared the stage with local DJs Shash’U, Kaytranada, High-Klassified, Guilty, Scott C, Lexis, and Professor Groove. He has also opened for Mos Def, Oddisee, Raekwon, Slum Village, DJ Nu-Mark, and Hugo TSR with local super group Nomadic Massive. A co-founder of “Voyage Funktastique” along with Walla P, MaD promotes the 80’s Boogie-Funk era and the actual Future Funk movement through a weekly radio show hosted by Walla P and a monthly night hosted by the duo. Since 2011, Dr. MaD has been heavily involved with the local youth, conducting many beat-making, recording, and show production workshops through the NoBad Sound Studio, which is part of a youth centre in the Côte-des-Neiges neighbourhood in Montreal.

Hua Li 化力 is the unapologetic alter-ego of Montreal-based multi-disciplinary performing artist Peggy Hogan. Hua Li’s unique vision of neo-soul, hip-hop, jazz sophistication, and electronic glitz has left audiences stunned since her debut in 2013 and she continues to please with her latest effort, the Za Zhong EP.

Onyx Ashanti is a sonic-cyborg whose sonomorphological voice is a language called beatjazz. Beatjazz speaks the language of brainwave modulation to ultimately directly program his own mind multidimensionally through his music.

Marley C is of Ashkenazi / Congolese descent and has been in the Montreal scene for quite some time. His style is a mix of G-funk and alternative hip-hop, while his position in the community stands as a theatrical host / MC. As a host / MC, his stage presence is a mix of standup comedy, freestyling, human lunch box, and singer; he is an all around performer. Marley C is also the co-host of the Voyage Funktastique radio show and the host of their monthly night, as well as their Fly Ladies monthly party. His role in their team is to keep the crowd fed with delicious snacks, jokes, freestyles, and verses. He is not only familiar with the hip-hop scene, but has also expanded his skills to raves, rock ‘n’ roll shows, and festivals. He is also the rapping Shaman in the band Oceans vs Mountains, which is a wild combination of talents with a visual splash of abstract art. Marley C is hungry and always looking for work.

shakti-in-flux is an interdisciplinary artist, with experience in direction, singing, acting, filmmaking, photography, and dance. My art delves into the infinite signs surrounding queer spirits of the galactic diaspora, weaving together moments of historical psychosis with delicately textured imagery to create a new mystical realm for my androgyne ancestors of the ancient future. My inspiration wades in opalescent silver swamps, perfumed by gender torment, romantic hallucination, and the mythical creatures lounging beneath the ruins of my utopia.