Derivative: Fashion Pop Up and Conversation


Fri. Oct 2

Espace Rouge
10 Avenue des Pins Ouest #312


image by Linx Selby

image by Linx Selby

What does Diaspora mean in terms of fashion? How can we approach and think about design origin, cultural exchange and all of its implications? How is it that certain cultural elements can be isolated, extracted and reused to signify a certain type of coolness or trendiness? What choices are made in the design process, what gives an item of clothing its value and meaning? These are all questions to consider at Derivative: Fashion Pop Up & Conversation, a part of Atelier Céladon’s Common Aliens: Diaspora Conference. 

The first half of the event will be a well-curated pop up shop of clothing by a collection of local, Montreal designers. Pieces that have been carefully selected for the event will be available for purchase and designers will be present. Attendees are invited to come and browse at leisure.

The second half will be a filmed collaboration with Blck Mssn’s Conversations where the question "who owns culture (with regards to fashion)?" will be posed and discussed. Blck Mssn's Conversations "is a platform that brings together people of different backgrounds. It allows individuals to share their views with others whose perspective and experiences may be at the opposite end of the spectrum." This discussion will center around the participating designers as well as other guest panelists but will also be open to audience participation and will be consolidated in the form of a filmed, published episode. 

“Conversations” is a platform that brings together people of different backgrounds. It allows individuals to share their views with others whose perspective and experiences may be at the opposite end of the spectrum. Each Conversation seeks to open the participants’ minds to various topics and ideas that tend to be left out or forgotten in day-to-day discussions. “Conversations” are filmed and broadcast online to engage a broader audience. “Conversations” is a project by BLCKMSSN.

Born in Montreal from a Haitian/African descent family Lakisha Danièle Bazile better known as Kyshaaw Nzinga is a 20 year old entrepreneur/ upcoming designer. At a very young age she started to get into many forms of art like drawing, dance and music, but she always had a thing for fashion. It has been exactly two years since she started to get serious about designing. La Vraie, her actual brand is something that she wanted to create for the individual. Her goal is to help people feel different by creating in a very low quantity. It’s about helping people expressing themselves through their style, to recreate a feeling in uniqueness in a world that is consistently trying to eradicate individuality. La Vraie means, being yourself to the core.

Niapsou is a self taught designer based out of Montreal. Born and raised in Dakar, Senegal, he always showed a great interest in couture because his mother had an atelier. So growing up in such an environment while learning from his mom's sense of style he decided to stop his studies in communications at the university to dedicate himself to understanding how a garment technically works. Established since three years only and still operating just out of his two "clumsy" hands , he  yet walked great steps in the fashion industry taking part in many great fashion events in Montreal as well as Toronto among others the Montreal Fashion & Design Festival in 2014 as well as Fashion Arts Toronto in 2013 and in 2014. He now launches his online retail store at the request of the followers of his style and designs.

Atelier Wonder is an independent street wear brand based in Montreal, Canada. Since it’s launch in 2014, Wonder has won the hearts of club kids around the world with its graphic and unique hand made pieces. The brand has most recently won Best Emerging Canadian Designer at the World Master Card Fashion Week in Toronto.

Wonder’s head designer, Paulina Wonders, is a Polish-born fashion designer based in Montreal. Wonders' aesthetic interests drive her to explore themes of individuality and marginal sub-cultures with special concern for perception and beauty standards. She began her fashion studies at Lasalle College in Montreal, graduating in 2010, followed by London’s Central Saint-Martins in 2012. She returned to Montreal for a BFA in Fibre Arts at Concordia University in 2013 to conquer the methodologies of textiles.

Full of Soul by Keithy Antoine Ladyspecialk is a collection of creative graphic print accessories designed to play with aesthetics. Like the name indicates, the designs aspire to be honest, inspiring and positive. This initiative is not seeking to follow the latest trend. Graphic design as a mode of expression is vital, genuine and timeless; fashion is ephemeral. Street art is booming and graphic design is moving toward a more organic and manual style. Inspired by challenges, news, music, voyages, people, colors and lines. The secret? To use computers as a tool, not as a means in itself. Everything can be a canvas in itself. Keithy Antoine Ladyspecialk is an illustrator, graphic designer, journalist, model, DJ and her focus lies in all that concern and surround urban culture, in all its diversity, its complexity and its norms.