Reclaiming our Alien/Nation: Seeing Our Bodies as Technology


Sat. Oct 3
Espace Rouge
10 Avenue des Pins Ouest #312

Healing through the body, mind and spirit lies in the teachings of the Ancient ones, our ancestors. Our ancestors understood that through developing a strong connection to nature, we also build a strong connection with ourselves. However, due to hundreds of years of continual colonization, enslavement and other mass traumas, people of colour as well as those of European descent have been unable to heal generations of trauma. To spark any lasting change, the change first has to start within, for as one of the divine laws of the universe is "As within so without, as above, so below." Join Gaia in starting that journey in traveling within, and to begin realizing that as nature has knowledge to teach us, so does our own minds, bodies and spirits. The workshop will encompass a journey through the chakras, a system discovered and developed from ancient Egyptian and Indian spiritual practices, while combining movement and creative writing processes.

Gaia is an alien living a human experience who believes in reconnecting with the ways of the Ancients to heal ancestral and personal traumas. Learning from the essence of Mother Earth, she is devouted to traditional healing practices and artistic expression.  As the founder of Alien Nation, a multidisciplinary movement that seeks to "redefine what it means to be human," she and fellow artists, teachers and healers are dedicated to bringing back into remembrance the knowledge that has always been stored and passed down through blood, DNA and our bones.

Conceived from lunar light over 500 years ago, Faery Lady is a creature of Alien Nation, a winged being holding the memory of all she has experienced in her mind and body. Playful, frantic and exploding with deep wisdom, Faery Lady speaks to the child-like nature of all beings, both human and extraterrestrial. Her strengths are in memory retrieval, joy generation and simplification of speech. She is part of a larger Faery Tribe but chooses to work alongside Gaia and Malbeq to guide hurt souls from Earth into their full potential.  

Born into a long line of Shamans, Malbeq is the long awaited Seventh destined to bring healing to the multiverse. At a young age, overwhelmed by the prophecy, the training and the expectations, he ran from his calling and travelled to the Forbidden Planet to forge his own path. There he saw the suffering and pain inflicted by the Keepers and finally stepped into his role as Shaman to heal and to guide the resistance. Barely escaping the destruction, Malbeq has lived a nomadic life for many years, wandering throughout the Pleiades star system, until he was drawn to a small planet on which lived a young woman, just awakening to her true potential, Gaia. Malbeq now works as a Shamanic guide helping Gaia to hone her powerful abilities, and working together with Faery Lady to provide healing and guidance to the Nation, in the face of great adversity.