Sonic Fractal Matrix and Building an


Sat. Oct 3

Espace Rouge
10 Avenue des Pins Ouest #312

Onyx Ashanti is a self-described "sonic cyborg" who has created and designed a wearable musical computer interface called Exo-Voice, marking the first node of a sonic fractal matrix. This is when two or more "patternists" come together to form a  network of self-iterated sonic cyborgs, that facilitates a shifting hierarchy of sonic patterns that mutate the idea of what music is and what we do with it. In this workshop, Onyx will give an overview of the entire process necessary to build an "exo-voice" sonic prosthesis, such as visioning—introduction to lucid dreaming, basic sketching, and project management—3D printing and design, basic electronics, and programming. The focus is on the creation of evolved language archetypes through creating a process chain of tools that allow individuals and groups to construct the futures they want rather than waiting for them to be built for them. 

Onyx Ashanti is a sonic-cyborg whose sonomorphological voice is a language called beatjazz. Beatjazz speaks the language of brainwave modulation to ultimately directly program his own mind multidimensionally through his music.